Combyne Group help people/businesses control their telephony/utility/shopping costs & increase disposable income.

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Target Audience Small businesses and individuals/families seeking to control and/or reduce their costs on the following services: Gas Electricity Broadband Landline calls and rental Mobile phones New provision of all the above services can be delivered too. Further services include Internet Phone Lines and VoIP Non geographic numbers. CashBack on Shopping. Create Disposable income
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Successful business owner, established in London since 1988. Having worked with some of the largest and smallest businesses around from start up to established. Have run networking groups for over 12 years and understands the principle of Like, Know and Trust, together with Givers Gain. Always up for a coffee and a chat.
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Primarily, Combyne Group, owned by Laurence Lowne is focused upon facilitating. Whether this is bringing businesses together through joint ventures, or simply delivering services is not important, but the fact that Laurence has over 30 years of experience and a database full of contacts to ensure the highest standards are met. Presently looking after in excess of 300 clients.